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CoCreating Our Reality

CoCreating Our Reality (CCOR) is a global online community. Almost 7000 people, from over 125 countries have gathered to practice universal laws and principles, by participating in what we call "The 100-Day Reality Challenge". The idea is, what can happen if you set goals and intentions, and for 100 days take on practices like journaling, visualizing, saying affirmations, meditating, counting your blessings, etc and track your progress while doing it, either by blog or vlog (video blogging). One of the best parts of CCOR, is taking on the challenge inside a community of like minded people who are cheering you on.

CCOR was founded by myself, Sandy Grason and Lilou Mace, who cocreated the concept and launched the website back in 2005. It was prior to the movie "The Secret" but it's popularity surged after the movie was released and featured on Oprah.We were actually contacted by The Oprah Winfrey producers and they created a short video about our community that was scheduled to run during one of "The Secret" shows, but the taping ran long and our segment was nixed--so close!!

Sandy is a Rockstar author who has written Journalution the best book ever on journaling-according to Louise Hay that is! She's a Hot Mogul and a fabulous friend! Sandy Grason

Lilou has really been the champion of the project, inspiring millions of people through her videos. She has also written a book called I Lost My Job and I Liked It.If you enjoyed The Secret you'll love watching Lilou Mace




Plant Trees 4 Life

You Are a Gift to the World is honored to partner with Plant Trees 4 Life

I have always loved nature and realize that it's important for us to do our part to take care of one another and the planet we call home. As an author, I want to be sure that my writing shares a message that will make a difference for our children and families. I also want to be sure that I'm doing my part to keep our planet healthy for our children and theirs. That's why I've partnered with Plant Trees 4 Life, based out of Aspen, Colorado. With her organization, Pamela Hart has a goal of planting 1 Million trees over the next ten years.

Together our goal is to encourage children to love themselves, one another and the earth. We're doing this so we can all:

Keep Breathing! Keep Reading! and Keep Shining!

Visit Plant Trees 4 Life, where you can purchase trees to commemorate a special occasion and/or person. Also find out how to sponsor a large planting or fundraising event.

Laura Duksta and Plant Trees 4 Life will be hosting events during her upcoming tour and into the future so that we may begin planting trees in honor of You Are a Gift to the World (flip) The World is a Gift to You.


Lake Tahoe, one of my favorite spots


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