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A Little Bit About Laura

Where did you grow up?

My family owned a restaurant called The Fairview in Marshfield, MA. I grew up in the house behind it, across the street from the ocean. When I was 10 years old my family moved to Halifax, MA which was way out in the country. A very small town with one stoplight and a whole bunch of cows. It was beautiful, but back then I did not like it at all! I've lived in Massachusetts, Maryland, New York City, LA, South Beach Miami, Nashville and Fort Lauderdale and even Hartford, CT for eight months where I first had the idea for I Love You More!


Where did you go to school?

I went to Notre Dame Academy for high school. I attended Boston College for two years, before transferring and graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Sociology. My friends still give me a hard time about going from being a 'Soaring Eagle' to a 'Mighty Terp'. A Terp is a type of turtle short for terrapin-that's Maryland's mascot. I enjoyed Maryland and going to school so close to Washington, D.C. I'm also a big fan of turtles and have had the awesome opportunity of watching turtles lay their eggs and hatch on the beach. One of my favorite books is Old Turtle by Doug Wood, another is Fredrick by Leo Lionni, but that one's about a mouse!


What were your favorite subjects in school?

I always loved creative writing, even though I didn't think I was very good at it!


Did you always want to be an author?

That's a "funny" story. When I was in the 2nd grade I received my first bad grade, a P- (pass -) from Mrs. Ericson in penmanship, which meant that I wasn't doing my best when learning how to write in cursive. I thought it meant that I was a bad writer. I always did well on papers, reports and essay exams, but the idea that I was a bad writer stayed with me even throughout college! I didn't realize this until after I had the idea for my book. Oddly enough, that second grade teacher found I Love You More, recognized my last name and flew me up to Marshfield for a fundraiser at the library. Turns out she remembered having my sister as a student, not me?! The truth is when I pay attention, I have beautiful handwriting, and when I don't, I can barely even read my own writing!! The moral to this story is: when you don't do well in school or in life talk it out with someone--it probably isn't as bad as you think!

How did you become an author?

The idea for my first book, I Love You More came to me one night while I was thinking about my sister and nephew. It was during the middle of the night, luckily I got up and wrote all the ideas down. I didn't end up writing the book till almost a year later, so I know I wouldn't have remembered the ideas if I hadn't written them down. That's why I encourage students to keep a journal, notebook or diary where you can capture good ideas-you never know when they might turn into a book, song, invention or great business!


How many books do you have?

My first book is I Love You More, has sold over 800,000 copies and is also printed in Korean, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese. My second book You Are a Gift to the World/The World is a Gift to You was published in April 2011. I'll Hug You More which is a great companion to ILYM arrived in January of 2017. I've got a new book in the word, No Matter What, I Love You that I'm super looking forward to sharing with all of you!


What is your favorite color?

My favorite color was always purple, but these days I have a hard time picking...purple, blue, yellow, green. That's why they're all included in my website. I love all the colors you find in nature--which means all of them! One of my "favorite" sayings these days is, 'one of my least favorite words is favorite!' :-) I think a new book idea may be brewing!


Where do you live now?

I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL very close to the beach. I enjoy walking along the ocean and watching the sunrise almost every morning. I lived in Nashville for five years and still love going back to Music City to write songs which is another passion of mine!


What do you enjoy doing?

I love traveling, walking, meeting new people, nature, sharing my books at schools, attending great events and enjoying good meals with new and old friends and my family!


When I visit schools I teach the students Cheers! These Cheers! all have hand movements that go with them--saying them out loud will inspire you to be your best!


The I Shine Cheer!

I Shine!

You Shine!

We Shine!

Star Shine!


The Genius Cheer!

I Am a Genius!

I Listen to My Heart!

I Use My Brain!




Here are my niece and nephew showing you the
I Shine Cheer! movements during sunrise.