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This page will soon share some of he powerful photos from my newest book No Matter What, I Love You. There are some pretty incredible stories behind some of the pictures and we look forward to sharing them with you. Also, we want YOU to share your pictures and stories of being an Ambassador of Love. You can send them to us and we may feature them here and/or on our social media! Please be sure you have permission to share if you send pictures our way. Send them to assist @ with Ambassadors of Love in the subject line. 









My new book, No Matter What, I Love You - You Are My Sister, You Are My Brother, illustrates how love transcends everything, no matter what the circumstance. It shares messages of unconditional love, kindness and acceptance, encouraging children and adults alike to come together amid a world of uncertainty and divisiveness.

I'm a big believer that LOVE is the truth of who we are. Beyond politics, religion, race, nationality and finances, LOVE elevates and unites all of us! Now more than ever, we want our children to know how truly loved they are no matter what is going on in their lives or in the world around them.

I want you to know this, too—and this powerful book helps to accomplish all of this and more. We need your support to share this timely and timeless story with children across the world! Please consider securing your advanced copies and donating as we raise funds to help offset the printing and publishing costs of this book. Interested in donating -- please contact us here