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Purchase Books

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With a special message for your loved ones

I have met many of you at school visits, art festivals and bookstores. I'm honored that signed copies of I Love You More have become treasured keepsakes. There were only 3000 first editions of ILYM printed. You know you have one, if the little boys feet are cut off on the first page. I figure I've signed close to 25,000 copies of I Love You More, You Are a Gift to the World and I'll Hug You More with a purple sharpie marker!

You can order signed copies of I Love You More (ILYM) and I'll Hug You More (IHYM). When ordering, there will be a place where you can send a note to the seller; here enter the names of who you would like the books signed for, and if you'd like to be included in the message, what the recipient calls you, i.e. Nana and Grandpa, Mommy, etc. Don't worry if you have an issue, you'll always be able to send an email after you order. I write a special message, include you right into it if you like, and then sign my name. We can also mail it directly to the recipient, with a special gift card and envelope! If there's any confusion with your names and order, I'll send you an email to straighten it out before I sign them.

Signed books make great gifts for baby showers, birthdays, teacher appreciation, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Earth Day...well, you get the idea! It's always a good day for LOVE and HUGS!!

You Are a Gift to the World is temporarily out of print -- sign up for our newsletter to receive a free digital copy, or order one with your child's name in the book at Put Me In the Story. We have some big news with this book -- it looks like it's coming back - fingers crossed by the end of 2022!