Kingston Elementary School

Kingston Elementary School

Hello Kingston Families!
Laura Duksta here -- author of the New York Times bestseller, I Love You More and I'll Hug You More. I am super looking forward to my visit at KES on May 22nd. I'll be sharing a bit about my books and life as an author, the GIFT of kindness, as well as the power, freedom, and fun that comes from being yourself! 
You can order signed copies of my books here through Monday May 27th, though place your orders early and to have them delivered to your students the day of my visit. Please use the code KES at checkout, which will remove the shipping charges. It will ask you for your shipping address - but they will not be shipped. I'll be bringing them to the school on Wednesday 5/22. Orders placed after my visit will be dropped off on the 28th. Scroll to the bottom of the page to order - feel free to order copies for friends and family if you'd like!
My book I Love You More is a message of love that I believe belongs in every home. My MOM taught kindergarten for 38+ years in Scituate and helped me know you're never too old for a good picture book. I've come to know over the years that ILYM was written so that we all truly loved we all are, no matter what's going on in our lives, our heads, or in the world around us. It's now sold over a million copies in eight languages around the world!
I'll Hug You More uses a host of animals to share times throughout the day that you'll hug your children, and then times that they'll HUG YOU! I share that HUGS are like a daily vitamin that you don't need to swallow - helping to keep us happy, healthy and connected!

When ordering a "special instructions" section will appear, where you can add who you'd like the books signed for. If you use your phone you may not see that - in that case please email me at In the notes or email include:
Parents Name:
Student's Name:
Teacher & Grade: 
Total #  books:  
LOVE - for ...
HUGS -  for ....

If I have a question I will email you - you may want to include your phone # - just incase, you can say "Cell" and that way I'll know we can text.
Available are:
  • I Love You More hardcover with a jacket for $20

  • I'll Hug You More  hardcover with jacket $20

You can place orders at the bottom of the page here through May 27th - though remember orders in by the 22nd will be delivered that day, and orders placed early are greatly appreciated so I can pre-sign! 
This is a super special visit, as I spent my early years between Marshfield and Halifax, and attended Silver Lake Regional junior high, making me a homegrown author!
Please ask your children to share the "I Shine!" and "I Am a Genius!" cheers with YOU! Along with my books, they're a great way to help us tune into how infinitely loved we are, no matter what's going on in our lives, our heads, or in the world around us. 
Thank YOU!
Keep Reading & Keep Shining!
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