David Posnack School

David Posnack School

Hello David Posnack Family!

Laura Duksta here -- author of the New York Times bestseller,I Love You More and I'll Hug You More. I'm thrilled to be visiting with your students on April 15th. You can order signed copies of my books here and they will be delivered that day. Please use the code POSNACK at checkout, which will remove the shipping charges. 

When ordering a notes section will appear, where you can add who you'd like the books signed for. If you use your phone you may not see that - so please email me at laura@lauraduksta.com. In the notes or email include:

My Name: 
Teacher & Grade: 
3 books:  
LOVE - for Todd
LOVE - Sam & Brett
HUGS -  for Donna

If we have questions we will email you - you may want to include your phone # - just incase, you can say "Cell" and that way we'll know we can text.

Available are:

  • I Love You More, Large hardcover with a jacket for $20

  • I'll Hug You More $20

  • Te Quiero Mas 4x6 board book  for $10

You can place orders at the bottom of the page here through April 17th. Orders placed by the 15th will be delivered the day of my visit. 

I would guess that some parents might remember I Love You More from your own childhoods! I am a local author and we're celebrating my books selling over ONE MILLION copies now in eight languages, including Hebrew. I Love You More has been in the world for 22+ years! I will bring a Hebrew copy to share with the students, though this version is only available in Israel. 

Please ask your students to share the "I Shine!" and "I Am a Genius!" cheers with YOU! Along with my books, they're a great way to help us tune into how infinitely loved we are, no matter what's going on in our lives, our heads, or in the world around us. 

Thank YOU!

Keep Reading & Keep Shining!

Laura Duksta

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