Happy Summer! I hope your season is off to a lovely start! Mine sure is and I'm quite certain it has something to do with the practice I put back in place this year of making daily gratitude posts. I did this for years and then stopped - it's important to notice when something becomes a chore versus an opportunity! This year I jumped back in and we're on Day 174-ish of the year. It's a great way to presence all the goodness we have in our life and help keep our vibration high. If you're interested in following along on my adventures friend or follow me on Facebook and Instagram - though for now those daily posts are consistently on FB.

This month I'm off on an East Coast adventure that began on the summer solstice. I spent a night with the original Sunrise Sister Cindi Ellis in New Smyrna Beach. We did a dolphin filled sunset cruise, and were treated to an EPIC sunrise on 6.22.22. That evening I met up with Lynn (owner - for now - of Under the Cherry Blossoms in Mount Dora) and her son Wayne to attend Andy Grammer's The Joy Tour. Do YOU know Andy's music? He is simply pure love, light and awesomeness and man did he draw that in with the crowd that showed up Thursday night. If you haven't listened yet check him out - a few of my favorite songs are She'd Say, Joy, Damn It Feels Good to Be Me, Love Myself, Honey I'm Good, well there's a lot and let's not forget Good to Be Alive aka Laura's Song! Also... I Wish You Pain - holy smokes what a song and message and lyric ... I love you more than you could know, And your heart it grows every time it breaks, I know that might sound strange, but I wish you pain. I've said it before -- we grow through our challenges!

Not only was the show - music, poetry, all female brass section, band and the opener Alt Bloom, but the crowd was AMAZING too! We were seated behind a lovely family of Ba'Hai women - mother, daughter, granddaughter and roommate - pure love. And, a young girl and her mom in the ladies room complimented me on my glitter. I turned around to show her the back of my head - which Lynn had written JOY on --- turns out that is the child's name, and it was her first concert!! I happened to have the glitter in my bag and I gifted it to JOY! To top it off they were sitting in our row! Of course we've connected on social media now and they've ordered a signed book from my website. Love, JOY, music, books, community bring us together in ways that connect and inspire!

Through my daily posts I connected with a new friend Sharon who created Gratitude glasses and a Graticise program! Find her on Facebook at I Wear My Gratitude Glasses and order yourself a pair on Amazon! I AM grateful to have received a pair and LOVED that Lynn showed up in St Augustine with her Jason Mraz glasses that say Look for the Good -- two peas in a pod!! That's us in the top photo with her son Wayne wearing a THINK you can or think you can't and you're right shirt! Make that three peas in a pod!

When we find ourselves complaining, constantly looking for what's wrong, or worrying our energy is low and we attract low vibrational experiences. When we look for the good, practice gratitude, spark JOY and be LOVE - we'll find our world a better and brighter place! Who are YOU choosing to BE this summer and beyond? The world needs more LIGHT workers, darkness can't exist in the presence of light - go forth and SHINE sisters and brothers. Though PS -- don't beat yourself up for having dimmer days - they happen to us all, simply recognize them and find a way out -- gratitude, music, connecting to nature, or there's always the gift of reading a good book! I Love YOU! YOU are LOVED! Keep Shining!



Dance and/or Karaoke Party .... when was the last time YOU danced? There are so many fun ways to get your body moving these days. There are hundreds of dances on TikTok, YouTube videos, Zumba exercise classes, local dance studios -- find one and give it a try. There's great benefits in getting your body moving and it can be a whole lot of fun for the family. Check out Walker Hayes and his family on TikTok - he's a father of FIVE with a lot of silly/fun songs and dances. Show Her Off are online dance lessons available on YouTube that will teach you a few good moves, that you'll not only enjoy knowing, but will have fun learning. Having a challenge moving these days? Pull up an old Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie and be inspired by their moves - imaging yourself spinning around the dance floor. Not up for dancing -- do you know that almost every song is available as Karaoke through YouTube -- it's a fun and silly way to bond with your family and friends.



- End of June - July: Road tripping up the east coast - if you know of a festival, market, camp, school or church I should visit, send me a message!

- June 30th - July 3rd: National Alopecia Areata Foundation Conference in Washington, DC.