The Power of Love, Connection and ILYM YOGA

The Power of Love, Connection and ILYM YOGA

The Power of Love, Connection and ILYM YOGA

I mentioned the Super Sensational Storytime we were doing in partnership with ARC of the South Shore and Little Bee Yoga -- well it was just that -- SUPER SENSATIONAL!! Christine is all sorts of awesome, after I did a reading and mini program, she led an hour long class geared around the message of love and light, including yoga poses to compliment the pages in I Love You More. My heart is full of gratitude for Janine from ARC (Autism Resource Center) and their grant from the Edwin Phillips foundation that sponsored this event! I've included the Yoga-fied poses below as today's LOVE IN ACTION ACTIVITY. These two shining stars are in the welcome photo with me today! I also had the opportunity to stop into WATD radio station and visit with Rob Hakala. It's been a beautiful summer of love and connection -- my favorite things! If I can spend my life bopping around the world meeting new people and sharing the message of love - that'll be a life well spent!

We're downsizing up here in Massachusetts and it's been hard letting go of some of my favorite things from my childhood -- including the furniture my sister and I have had since I was TWO! The bed frames had been gifted to friends, but we still have several of the pieces that are in surprisingly great condition. Facebook Marketplace is my new friend, and so are Julie and her daughter Olivia - who fell in love with the desk and hutch! I wanted the furniture to go to someone who was going to love it, and it couldn't have found a better home! Julie's been a teacher for 21 years, but leaving the classroom, and going to use the hutch to shelve her favorite books, while Liv is making the desk her own! I have a good feeling she'll create MAGIC there! It's good to LET GO, and even better when it leads to new friends and creates space for what's next...

For many of YOU it's time for the next school year to start! I LOVE seeing all the back to school pictures, and since I have friends all over the country the fun began two weeks ago when Tennessee started, Florida headed back last week, and still looking forward to Massachusetts! One of the most powerful tools we have is the power of our BREATH! Take the time to learn and teach your children a few deep breathing exercises -- it can help them feel less anxious and create a space where learning can be fun versus stressful. We're filling up my school visit calendar -- send an email to Jaime for more info. If you're in the Massachusetts or New England area and can book for September we have special discounted pricing! Tell a teacher, principal or involved parent -- my You Are a STAR...Keep Shining! program is a great way to kick off the school year! Hope to see YOU at school or an event! Till then...

Keep Shining!



Laura's Love Note

When I was young I spent hours and hours walking around singing Love is in the Air and reciting the Prayer of St Francis. This jetty is in Brant Rock - the area of Marshfield, MA where I lived. Often when I'm doing a meditation and they say "Go to your Happy Place" - I find myself in my imagination right there on those rocks!

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Love in Action Activity:

We had so much fun with Christine of Little Bee Yoga Company as she led a Sensational Storytime that included songs, breath work, meditation and a super special reading of I Love You More along with yoga poses to compliment several of the pages. With her permission I've included the poses she shared here. Have fun doing them with your children. If they've got a favorite we'd love to see them -- email them to me or tag us on social media! If you live on the South Shore (MA) be sure to look up and attend one of Christine's many classes! In partnership with ARC, and the Edwin Phillips Foundation, you can find her Sensational Storytimes at the Hanover and Marshfield libraries -- hopefully expanding soon!


- September 3rd: Hingham Farmers Market 9 AM - 1 PM