Life Advice from Mr Rogers and 1434!!

Life Advice from Mr Rogers and 1434!!

Life Advice from Mr Rogers and 1434!!


I hope this finds YOU and your loved ones well! And as always, there's a lot going on in our lives and our world! October 10th was Mental Health Awareness Day - and a call for us all to Keep Talking, Keep Sharing, Keep Connecting, Keep Listening and Keep Shining! It makes a big difference when we share our struggles to help others know they're not alone. When I was searching for Mr Rogers' famous quote about looking for the helpers I also came across this one....

“Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary. The people we trust with that important talk can help us know that we are not alone.”

Of course it's not only important to look for the helpers, but of course to BE A HELPER. This past March the Alopecia community was shaken when a middle school student died by suicide after being relentlessly bullied, and this past week a senior high school student in Fort Lauerdale lost their life to suicide as well. The school and community are shaken, and in so many different ways - as people don't respond and react to trauma the same. There has been a tremendous response from grief counselors, mental health professionals, suicide prevention teams, as well as other local groups. I'm part of the team, that was asked to participate in an evening of resources for students, parents and teachers. While our focus is educational versus crisis response, it was a gift to be able to BE A HELPER, along with my Soul Sister Michele Verdi-Knapp, while our community navigates through this. What I shared with everyone who came to our table was the amazing Wise Mind Project Instagram page we have which is maintained by a Broward County highschool student. Omri has done an incredible job of posting almost daily mindfulness quotes, tools and tips. We can't thank him enough, what started as an opportunity for him to receive some service hours, has led to him being and creating a beacon of light in our community and beyond! Please give us a follow and share the posts with your friends, teens and tweens! Parents were looking for ways they can check in with their children. I love that my sister has a group chat with her crew and sends out inspirational quotes or memes daily -- you never know when a message might reach them (or YOU) at just the right moment.

I love the idea of having a shared saying or action that sparks LOVE! Friends of mine TUG their ear, as Carol Burnett would do, to say "I Love You" to someone watching in the audience or from ome. Mr Rogers liked to share that 143 stood for I Love You. I won a contest on the Mr. Rogers Instagram page when the documentary came out for the picture I shared at the top of this post using #1434 for I Love You More. Before Mr. Rogers used 143, it was also used at the Minot Lighthouse in Scituate, MA as their flash singal. This summer, while staying with my cousins, I happened into JOYE - a beautiful shop in Scicuate Harbor that has a whole bunch of 143 awesomeness. The owner Nancy and I hit it off immediately- IMAGINE THAT?! Turns out her son had my mom for kindergarten, and she also says I Love You More! I shared with her that I use #1434 for I Love You More -- she loved that and we decided to make bracelets! There are now signed copies of I Love You More in her shop and we both have bracelets! On my last day in MA, September 30th, I stopped in to sign the books which had arrived just in time. We sold the first copy to Inga who happens to be Lithuanian too, and purchased the book for a friend's son who's Lithuanian - special moments like that become part of ILYMs forever story! Like the time I was in Garden Argosy in Sarasota's St. Armands Circle and met eight year old James and family. They bought a signed book and he had me sign his jacket (picture below) - total rock star author moment! On Mental Health Awareness Day - some 10+ years later his mom, a teacher, tagged me in a post (thank you social media) asking me to share my story -- you never know the difference you make for people by showing up, sharing and being present!

Keep Shining!


PS...there are so many great resources out there -- find at least a few and stay connected! FYI -- my social media is FILLED with goodness, as that's what I write about, look for & follow -- the algorithms pick up on that - be mindful of what you put out there! Here are a few gems...

Mental Health Declassified on IG -- found through my new friends from The Farmhouse Plymouth

Postively Present on IG

John Roedel on Facebook (poet)

PPS...bracelets are available - beautiful hand stamped brushed brass silver and gold bracelets that say I Love You, I Love You More, 1.4.3 and -- Just in time for the holidays! Get yours here now.... I had them out at Las Olas Saturday for the first time and we sold seven!

PPPS...I've done several podcasts lately where typically I'm sharing about my struggles and how I continue to go and grow through them -- it's definitely a journey!!

Licensed For Love Podcast with Cowboy Jax and Loren Harris - this is the Diversity Duos FB page - find their podcast wherever YOU listen

That Lady on the Internet Who Loves You -- Monday October 17th I'll be on FB LIVE at 11 ET with Danielle Bernock and Victorious Souls

I recorded The Jar Podcast with Ken from my balcony in MA this summer -- he said it will be live soon!



It's time to start thinking about holiday gifts! If you aren't able to attend a live event, you can always purchase signed books and BRACELETS through my website. They're great gifts for baby showers, toddler birthdays, first readers, teacher gifts, little ones, older ones, loved ones -- all the ones!! You'll find I Love You More and signed padded board book set's of I Love You More and I'll Hug You More

Download your free PDF ebook of You Are a Gift to the World/ The World is a Gift to You by using the link at the top of the newsletter. Send me an email if you're interested in a hard copy of this book - I'll send you the details on how to get one with your child's name it.

Laura's Love Note:

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Love in Action Activity:

Having a practice to help us focus on the good is a great way to stay connected to one another and LIFE itself! JOY has been my word for awhile now and I include others in that too! It's amazing how it's shown up in so many super special ways - including beginning and ending my summer adventures -- Andy Grammer's JOY tour in Jacksonville, as well as meeting JOY, a young lady at her first concert with her momma. Our last week in Massachusetts my mom, sister and I attended the JOY mission -- a very special healing mass! And my new store JOYE in Scituate which led to our awesome new bracelets. Pick a word for the month or year - no need to wait for the beginning of the year, it's always a great time to start! Consider doing Gratitude posts for the month of November, or start a gratitude chat with your family - where everyone adds at least one thing every day. This can also be done at the breakfast or dinner table, or in the car on the way to or from school. I like the idea too of "peaks and valleys" as a way to let your children, tweens and teens share what's going good and what's not in their world - this can help create a window in to where they might be struggling. By all means share that Mr. Rogers quote from above - when we talk and share about what's going on for us it does indeed make life more manageable!

Love Live Events: 

I'll be back soon to the Florida markets - while you'll find me on A1A -- please let me know if there are other local markets you suggest! Who am I kidding -- I'm up for local and non-local!!

October 15 & 16 Las Olas Art Festival (TODAY)

October 22 Oceanside A1A & Las Olas Market (check in next week - I may have a conflict)

November 18-20 - Mount Dora Special signing events at Under the Cherry Blossoms


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