Laura's Love Letter - Valentine's Edition

Laura's Love Letter - Valentine's Edition

Laura's Love Letter - Valentine's Edition

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Happy Sunday Loves!

As February begins, I’ve got some new news about my newsletter (LOL) and blog! I’m finally creating TEAM LOVE and aiming to have a LOVE LETTER arrive in your inbox and on my blog every other Sunday. I’ll supply a dose of inspiration, activities related to my books or school programs, a list of upcoming events, and more! 


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School Visits

I AM READY when YOU are for school visits, both virtual and in-person. Now more than ever our children (and teachers!) need to know they are loved, to feel connected, and to have someone cheer them on to know that they can go and grow through any challenging situation! Reach out to Jaime at for more info on bringing me and my “YOU are a Star! Keep Shining!” program to your school!


Laura Duksta I Love You More coloring pages

Activity: I Love You More Free Coloring Pages

I Love You More is 20 years old! To celebrate its birthday, I'm offering four free coloring pages from the book to download and print (just click the button below!). Once you've colored the front, try drawing your own I Love You More cover on the back. Take a picture of your cover and post it with the hashtag #iloveyoumore20, so I can repost and feature it. Stay tuned for more fun ways for us to celebrate together! 

Download now!


Love Note ❤️

Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how much a heart can hold.

-Zelda Fitzgerald

That is the essence of I Love You More . It’s not a big one-up game, but the way our love continues to grow and expand beyond what we imagined possible - especially when our children come along!


Upcoming Events

  • February 5th, 12th and 26th: Las Olas Oceanside Farmer's Market at the corner of A1A and Las Olas from 9am-4pm. 
  • February 19-21: Singings at Under the Cherry Blossoms in Mount Dora (check Instagram for times). I'll also be mentoring at the Children's Alopecia Camp in Central Florida (CAP CAMP). Check out their website for more details
  • March 5-6: Las Olas Art Festival


I'll Hug You More and I Love You More padded board book set covers with a heart background and inscription that says "Give the gift of love and hugs".

Signed Padded Board Book Set

I don’t always offer padded 8x8 board books through my website, but, since the standard version of I’ll Hug You More is out of stock for a few months, I thought I’d offer a signed set (I Love You More & I'll Hug You More) for a limited time! Perfect for Valentine's Day, Easter baskets, Mother's Day, or a baby shower. Starting your child's library with books gifted by your closest friends and family members is a brilliant idea!

Get yours now!

Have a Wonderful Week! 

Keep Shining! 

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