Laura's Love Letter: Angels are Conspiring on Our Behalf

Laura's Love Letter: Angels are Conspiring on Our Behalf

Laura's Love Letter: Angels are Conspiring on Our Behalf

Happy August! I hope this finds YOU fantastic -- and if not, that you're guided to just what you need to bring you back to peace and joy! Do you believe in angels? If you've followed my journey for a bit, you know I do. August is the month, 34 years ago now - WOW, that I was in a car accident with my best friend Donna, and she earned her wings. Over the years I have had so many magnificent angel moments. SOMEHOW, I haven't spent time with her brother Jimmy, who was 18 at the time of the accident, Donna was 19. We didn't connect at the funeral - it was an emotional time to say the least! We've been in touch through social media now for years, but hadn't physically gotten together until last week! I'm close with their cousin Sara, and she was going to be in Portsmouth, NH and Maine - so I went up for a couple of days, and the three of us made plans.

Neither of them had been to The Cliff House at BALD HEAD CLIFF, so we opted to meet there - a MAGICAL place I discovered years ago -- 2011 - holy smokes till I checked my FB posts I thought it was 5 years ago! Jimmy wasn't going to get there till later in the day, so Sara and I had lunch at Nubb's Lobster Shack and made ourselves comfortable. Truly I belong there! I said to Donna -- "Make yourself known! We want to know you are with us today!" Less than 15 minutes later, we had a "chance" encounter with someone - that I'll come back to in an upcoming newsletter -- CLIFF hanger LOL! It was pure God-incidence!

Then....the day after my birthday, I had video chatted (for the first time) with a very special family whose daughter has a condition similar to severe Autism. They've been huge fans of I Love You More since before her birth - she's now 18!! Her mom told me, recently it's all about You Are a Gift to the World/The World is a Gift to You. That Madonna, who doesn't speak, brings her that book to read almost daily. When we were video chatting on July 11th I said, "I have an idea-- I'll record a reading of YAAG for Madonna." Well, now it was July 27th and I hadn't done it yet -- WHY? Because Bald Head Cliff was the PERFECT spot to do this reading. I asked Sara if she'd film me while sitting on the rocks. I hadn't made the connection until she was recording and I said, This is a special reading for maDONNA who has ANGELman's syndrome, written by Laura Duksta and illustrated by DONA Turner." OK - so Donna was clearly there.

Jimmy arrived and that was a moment in time I'll always remember - that HUG was way overdue! We talked, laughed and cried for a bit -- we met some other wonderful souls, and took some photos. Then went off to dinner together. WWHILE WE WERE AT DINNER my mom sent me a text - it came through at 8:08 PM - but I didn't see it until the next morning. While Sara, Jimmy and I were sitting at dinner, my mom was going through things in Massachusetts, and came across, ready for this....

A drawing that Donna had done of Jimmy 35-36 years ago that she never sent, on the back was a letter she never mailed! I hadn't seen this, and didn't even know I had this for 34 years!!!! Holy Angel Awesomeness!! I showed Sara, who I was staying with; we called Jimmy and sent him the pictures while on the phone together. None of us could find words to express the love and connection that poured through us - like I said to Jimmy - there aren't words, as it was unworldly!! That's a neat play on words I might delve into another time -- our worLd was spoken into to existence by WOR(l)D and would cease to exist, as we experience it at least, without language...hhhmmmmm! Except perhaps in the beauty and gift of the present moment where LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE and JOY exist! If you weren't there before I hope this story brings you a sense that we are all connected, even to our loved ones that are no longer physically with us, and that you know that we are so deeply and profoundly LOVED! If YOU have an angel story I'd love to hear it!

Keep Shining!

Laura some point today I'll have the video reading of YAAG posted to my social media channels - at least FB and Youtube (which I'm planning to grow) follow me there!

PPS... I have a great Sensational Story tIme in Hanover, MA at the library on August 16th at 4pm where I Love You More is going to be YOGA-fied! If you're in the area I would love to see YOU! I'll have the link below to sign up!


The above pictures are a few that Jeff and Paul - two of my Sunrise Sassy friends, sent of books they had signed and gifted to family members - Goddly enough on their recent trip to MA. The others are from the Marshfield, MA Farmers Market - my hometown. Holly makes her own jewelry @Sand_and_Waves_shop on IG.

One of my BFFs Hope Holly Geoghegan -- her niece Lauren Ann (my name is Laura Ann - we can't make these things up) was tragically killed in a terrorist attack on July 29, 2018. The 29th was the day of the Farmers Market. I certainly bought her a HOPE bracelet made by HOLLY!!! There are several articles written about Lauren's amazing adventure if you google her name, or you can visit the blog she and her boyfriend Jay were keeping

We are all, it is all connected! Angels are everywhere - conspiring on our behalf!

If you aren't able to attend a live event, you can always purchase signed books through my website. They're great gifts for baby showers, toddler birthdays, first readers, teacher gifts, little ones, older ones, loved ones -- all the ones!! You'll find I Love You More and signed padded board book set's of I Love You More and I'll Hug You More

Laura's Love Note

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- August 16th: Sensational Story time with Hanover, 4-5:30 MA Library

- August 19th: Farmer's Market on Town Green, 2-6pm Marshfield, MA

- End of June - August: Road tripping up the east coast - if you know of a festival, market, camp, school or church I should visit, send me a message!


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