Laura's Love Letter: Happy Mothers AND Global Love Day!

Laura's Love Letter: Happy Mothers AND Global Love Day!

Laura's Love Letter: Happy Mothers AND Global Love Day!

Laura Duksta smiles with her mother and sister on Mother's Day.


Happy May! Did you know May 1st is Global Love Day?! And, in the US we celebrate Mother’s Day this coming week! I AM BLESSED with an extraordinary MOM. It might have something to do with the name she was given — CAROLE SUNDAY — which, to me, translates to "sing a song of praise" because that is who she is!

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Earth Day, Global Love Day and Mother’s Day all fall around the same time of Spring — the time of birth, renewal and promise. I like to call it a God-incidence! I realize we all don’t have happy, shiny relationships with our moms — we are all on our own journeys, and, at times, challenges and struggles are part of our life experiences! That is for sure! I’ve come to believe, though, a mothering energy is always present in our lives if we look for it. The biggest female presence is Mother Earth or Mother Nature — so abundantly, generously, unceasingly providing for us, and loving us unconditionally! Take a moment to get present with the flowers, water, plants, fruits, vegetables, and trees that help create the oxygen we breathe — it is AMAZING! We are indeed so blessed!

A motherly energy can also show up in a neighbor, teacher, coach! I believe I Love You More has the ability to nurture and heal, when needed, that part of us that longs to feel connected to and comforted in a mother’s love. Some of you have heard me share that a few years after publishing I Love You More, while driving in Massachusetts, tears began pouring down my face — I had to pull off the side of the highway, it was as if it was raining in my car! I heard that "God voice", as I call it, say, "Your book is really a message between God (or, Creator) and child, but the relationship most would recognize or relate to is mother and child." I think that means that a mother’s love is the closest we experience here on Earth to God’s love. eyes are swelling with tears as I type this. If only we could truly get how deeply and profoundly loved we are by God/Creator/Source/The Universe! Love mightier than the mightiest wind, longer than the longest path, prettier than the prettiest flower — we are so loved!!

It’s wonderful to have and celebrate these holidays, though every day is a good day to give thanks to and honor our planet, our mothers and the power of LOVE!  

I have so much love and appreciation for my mother and sister! My sister was going through a challenging time with her then husband — THANK GOD LOL — as that had me pray for her. And, as I did, a message came through to pray for my nephew. From there, the idea for I Love You More poured through me. See how those challenges can serve?!

After sharing the idea with my mom, she said, “YES! Let’s self-publish!” She extended her credit and faith to get the book into the world. It hasn’t always been a smooth ride, but we’ve touched the hearts, homes, and classrooms of millions of people around the world — and that is gift and honor beyond measure!

Wishing our ALL of YOU a bright and blessed Global Love Day and Mother’s Day week!

Find out more about Global Love Day by visiting the Love Foundation's website.

I was honored to be featured in the Modern Boca Mom Blog this week! Check out the article here. Michelle is a great resource of everything to do with your family in South Florida!

A collage of images featuring Laura Duksta with several of the maternal figures in her life.

Some of the awesome women/mothers in my world! Nana Pota outside the Island Style Gallery on Duval St in Key West, Auntie Sandy outside Under the Cherry Blossoms in Mount Dora, my MOM celebrating my 50th a few years back, Auntie Patty, cousin Marijean, my sister Lynn, mom and I in Key Largo, my Aunt Mary and Cousin Chrissy and her son Henry (now a state champ HS football player in Scituate, MA!) and some dear Soul Sisters and my niece Michaela — who was in Lynn’s belly when I Love You More was birthed! 

Love in Action Activity: Sing It

One fun way to express our LOVE is with a song! Do you have a favorite LOVE song? Or a favorite MOM song? A song that reminds you of YOU and your MOM? Are you feeling creative? You could write her a song, or change the lyrics to a favorite song to share about your relationship.

Do you know you can use YouTube to find just about all the lyrics to every song you love? Have a fun karaoke sing-along party! Make your mom a playlist of favorite songs!

This is one of my favorites —  for anyone who has children who didn’t get the opportunity to meet their Grandmother, or is missing her because she’s no longer around —  check out this tune by Andy Grammer, "She’d Say". (Andy is one of my favorite artists — he is FULL of LOVE & JOY!)

I may be feeling inspired by music as I’m writing this from Nashville! I had the awesome opportunity to be at my friends' EP release party where they sang one of my favorite songs "I LOVE YOU". Here’s just a short clip. You can find their music online on May 13th — The Easy Wild.

Laura's Love Note

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Laura Duksta "Happy Mother's Day" text with the cover of "I Love You More".


Love Live Events

  • May 1st: Global Love Day
  • May 7th & 14th: Las Olas Farmer's Market A1A and Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale
  • May 8th: Mother's Day - make sure you have your books!