American Heritage - Palm Beach

American Heritage - Palm Beach


Laura Duksta smiling and holding two of her books, "I'll Love You More" and "I'll Hug You More".

Hello Heritage Families and Educators! I'm super looking forward to my visit on May 10th. There's a lot going on in the world, and we could all use more love and hugs! I'm a big believer that we're never too old for a good picture book. In fact, sitting down to read with our older ones can create a much needed time of connection, and serve as a conversation starter.

Be sure to use the code HERITAGE to erase the shipping charges. If you order through your phone there may not be a notes section -- please send an email to with your child's name, teacher and who you would like the book/s signed for. THANK YOU!!

This page is set up for you to purchase signed copies of my books using your credit card, apple pay or pay pal. 

I Love You More (hard cover/jacketed) is the nice keepsake  $20 

I'll Hug You More (8x8 padded board book)  $12 

Te Quiero Mas (4x6 Spanish board book) $10

I donate books to NICUs across the country -- if you'd like to send a signed case of books to a NICU of your choice, these are your options. We'll reach out to you after you place the order, as we can sticker the books in someone's honor if you'd like!

24 8x8 padded board books $320 includes signed, stickered & shipping

60 smaller 4x6 board books $520 includes signed, stickered & shipping

Please use the discount code HERITAGE when ordering and it will delete the shipping charges. Books can be purchased through the end of day Friday 5/13. All books ordered after 5/10 will be mailed to the school and distributed. Those ordered before will be handed to the students with a photo opportunity. 

  • Include your child's full name and teachers name
  • Who you would like the book signed to under "notes section" on order form. You can include more than one name if you like
  • If you'd like to include a phone number/email I will only use it if I have a question with your order
  • I can be reached at 

As a fundraiser 20% of all sales will be gifted back to the school -- so you may want to have a copy signed for a cousin, friend, or expecting mom! 

You can share this link with friends and family out of area  --  have them mention Heritage in the comments, NOT as a discount code,  keeping the shipping charges, and we'll mail out the books. AH will still receive 20%!

Part of my mission is to make the world a brighter place - so we're encouraging the students and staff to wear YELLOW shirts on May 10th so we shine like the stars and sun! After my visit, ask your children to share the "I Am a Genius!" and "I Shine!" cheers! 

Thank YOU and Keep Shining! 

Laura Duksta

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